Welcome to Hamburg!

As part of Hamburg’s curriculum, 10th graders learn about the topics “travelling” or “South Africa” in English. One requirement is to write a travel blog entry about Hamburg. Here are some examples taken from the classroom, enjoy reading!

11.01.19 – 13:26 Dana A.

Living in the city of Hamburg for my whole life, I have seen a lot of its marvellous areas, sitting in one of Hamburg’s cafes by the Alster or viewing the beautiful port on a rainy day is super delightful and one of the most pleasant things I can imagine doing. The place I enjoy the most being at is the Haven-City, with its magnificent modern architecture giving off the feeling of being in a design student’s project. There are areas which are super industrial and in between are the imposing buildings built in the 19th century.

Hamburg is a city to please all kinds of people, with its charming cafes, the stunning architecture with a clear line between modern and antique, which the city still manages to make come together like a puzzle, the lovely beach with a view on the gorgeous Elbe-river that runs through Hamburg. Hamburg’s beautiful town makes a great shopping experience as well, adding a nice vibe to shopping while looking for a piece to take home.

11.01.19 – 13:37 Manuela D.

I have lived in Hamburg my whole life and for me personally, Hamburg is the most beautiful city in Germany. There is a central park, where you can hang out with your friends and family and have a nice picknick. The central park is huge and even has a planetarium within it, which is very interesting. Hamburg is pretty famous for its harbour and if you are going to visit Hamburg you have to go and spend some time there!

11.01.19 – Rm