Let’s keep fit!

Die Klasse 6A beschäftigt sich momentan im Englischunterricht mit dem Thema Gesundheit und Sport. Die Schüler haben dazu Poster ausgearbeitet, die der Frage nachgehen, was die Schüler als Sport machen und warum sie ihn treiben. Hier eine Auswahl:



Judo: Judo is a very cool sport. It’s from Japan and it means: „Der sanfte Weg“ in German.
Judo is a very interesting sport because you need to throw your partner on the ground. But you don’t want to hurt him. Founder: Kano Jigoro.



Snowboarding: Snowboarding is the most beautiful sport in winter. This sport is the most fun for me! I ride snowboard since I’m nine years old. You can train your balance with this sport and it’s just so much fun. For a skateboarder this sport is very easy. It’s almost the same just on the snow. Kickboxing: Kickboxing is one of my favorite sports. I’ve been training Kickboxing since I’m seven years old. I don’t box against other people, I just train it for myself. Kickboxing helps to keep the body fit, to train your endurance and to let stress out. I would recommend anyone to try it out!









Judo: I started the sport when I was six. I find it great and it is fun. That’s why I have chosen it. Tennis: I’m playing tennis for about three years now. The sport is very nice and I absolutely enjoy playing it.

Handball: I started playing handball eight years ago. I love to play handball because it is fun. Now I’m in the U13. I have the number fourteen. My position is “Rückraum Mitte”. I’m the youngest player and the captain in my team.

Gymnastics: I go to gymnastics once a week. Every Wednesday. I have fun because we don`t only do gymnastics. We play dodgeball or other games. One thing that isn`t goo is that there are often only two or three girls there. My group only consists out of girls.


Inline skating: Inline skating is my favourite sport because you don`t need much space for Inline skates and you have a better control of your movements while skating. I started Inline skating when I was 5 years old. While inline skating you mostly don´t depend on a team.







I haven’t skated in a long time because my Inline skates are in Croatia, but when we travel to Croatia I skate almost every day. Inline skating is a great sport so feel free to try it out!


Dancing: In my freetime I cover K-pop songs or dance choreographies from the dance studio 1Million or Matt Steffanina .Actually I only dance hip-hop, but my cousin teaches me a little bit of breakdance, too. I dance when I feel like it.


Tabletennis: I like tabletennis because it is very fun and it trains my concentration. I don`t train in a club, it is a hobby of mine. I started with tabletennis last year and this year I want to join a tabletennis-club. My private trainer is my father. Later I will be better than him.